Indoor/Outdoor Movable Energy Storage System

The outdoor movable energy storage system is a highly integrated energy storage product developed by NPS. Integrating hybrid inverter, BMS,LiFePO4 batteries, fire safety system and other components, it is safer to use and easier to install than any other similar product. With aluminium body and casters at the bottom, it has an upscale appearance and is easier to move around. The unique fire safety measures developed by NPS is the first in kind in the world, which can effectively prevent fire accidents, making it a truly safer and movable all-in-one power storage product.

Household Energy Storage

Installation free, plug-n-play; Not only can it be connected to PV arrays to form a electricity generating system for household, but also the municipal power grid to store power with trough price and use in peak hours or sell the stored power to the grid. In addition, it can work independently under off-grid mode to store power for home.

Emergency Power Supply

One man can push it around to supply power for lighting systems, medical equipment, etc under emergency circumstances. It can also provide emergency power supply in post-disaster rescue.

Outdoor Operations

NPS-E can be used as portable power supply source to supply safe and stable power for outdoor equipment. It can also be connected to portable PV panels to extend its power supply time when outdoor