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NPS is committed to conscientious engineering aimed at fostering the safest and most environmentally sustainable future for you and your loved ones.

About NPS


NPS is a professional energy storage system supplier in China, established in July 2021. The company integrates R&D, production and sales of residential energy storage systems, and mainly deals with residential energy storage all-in-one machines.
NPS battery products are produced according to international safety standards and obtained TUV/CE/EN62619/ IEC62040 certificates. We specialize in Grid tied and off grid LFP battery solutions for residential application in Europe, Australia, Africa, South America etc.






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NPS Development History

BMS company was established to locate single-string and multi-string protection boards as its main business

  • 2004-2005

Released the first distributed BMS to enter the BMS market for electric vehicles

  • 2006-2007

Participation in Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, the 9th Universiade Project and Shenyang City Bus Project

  • 2008-2012

Released the first all-in-one BMB for electric vehicles; supporting Kandi and New Dayang passenger car projects

  • 2013-2014

Released the first electric vehicle high-voltage distribution box; supporting Jiulong and Hengtong electric bus project

  • 2015-2016

Entered the field of rail transportation; GJB9001C certified; released the third generation of BMS products based on functional safety

  • 2017-2018

Launched new energy storage BMS products and intelligent BMS protection board products for electric vehicles

  • 2019

Launched a new series of one-line pass protection plate products, entering the two-wheeled vehicle market on a large scale

  • 2020

NPS was officially established

  • 2021.7

Newly developed intelligent all-in-one home stacker and home battery PACK were officially launched and prototypes were sold in the same month

  • 2023.2

The products conform to IEC60730, IEC62919, EN610000, IEC62109 and many other standards, and have passed CE, UN38.3 and many other certifications.

  • 2023.5

Technology Strength

NPS owns the professional team with top class experts in the battery storage industry. All products in our company are produced according to international standards, and passed TUV/CE/EN62619/UL1973/ IEC62040 tests.
Our energy storage system stores excess power produced from solar in daytime, it can be used at night to increase greater energy self-sufficiency and security, or used at peak time to reduce household electric charges. Our battery is suitable for existing solar PV systems, also easy to be installed with new solar systems.
NPS devotes to responsible engineering of the safest and greenest future for you and your family. We have launched our latest Battery Energy Storage System(BESS) Powerbox to Australia, South America, Africa, Europe with moderate price and top-class quality.